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Upcoming Performance: Pride and Prejudice

May 2021


COVID has taken away so much from everyone this last year, and for a while here at school, it took away our time on stage. That recently came to an end, as this weekend we reopen with our performance of Pride and Prejudice!

Being a part of Pride and Prejudice this year has been such a blessing.  Theatre for me has never been a matter of just working on scripts, analyzing texts, and feeling out dialogue, you can do that anytime and anywhere; it was and is a matter of being together and making memories with friends. Doing this show has brought me such joy. I get to spend time with my most favorite people, performing and playing and having fun together. We have been terribly deprived of being in close proximity to the ones we love and people in the arts have surely felt that. While rehearsing pride and prejudice I have seen my friends’ faces light up, we laugh genuinely and enjoy each other’s company, which is the most important thing.

Joy is the most important thing, especially now. If you want to have a night to experience true joy within yourself and your peers, see our show. Our cast and crew has worked incredibly hard and it would mean so much to have people see it.

The performances are happening this weekend, May 7th and 8th at 7:30pm in the Mynderse Academy auditorium. The show is being live-streamed so you can watch from the comfort of your own home for only $10 per adult ticket and $8 for each student. Tickets can be purchased at by typing “Mynderse Academy” in the search bar and selecting which night you’d like to watch. Thank you for your constant support, we hope you’ll join us!

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