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Welcome to Our Site!

May 2021

Welcome to our new digs!


Did you lose your appetite that quickly? Devil’s Digest is here and ready to serve you some hot ink from the kitchen in our new website format. From modern topics to daily driven questions, Mynderse Academy is here to dish out what you need.


The newspaper team is open to any Mynderse Academy student, of any grade level. Currently, students from all grades are represented, from freshman to senior, with most of the members being Class of 2021 students. When it comes to writing, the Mynderse Academy Newspaper team tries to publish new content on a weekly basis, so you never get bored of reading the same old articles 24/7. We can write what we find relevant to the student body and the Seneca Falls school community! From informative articles to hobby-based articles, we create comics and other illustrations. If we can think of it, we can write it.   


Some background…


After attempting a project with her students, Mynderse Academy English teacher Rebecca Czajkowski realized that there was no newspaper available to students. Looking to rectify this, she began planning a paper in November 2019 with a few students, with the first issue being printed in January 2020. Physical copies proved popular in school, and monthly issues continued until the end of the 2019-2020 school year. When students were sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team released a new issue via email. This continued for the remainder of the school year.


When COVID hit, life turned upside down for many people, including members of the Mynderse Academy Newspaper team. The typical paper copies of the newspaper weren’t able to be passed out, and meeting all together in a room was now a thing of the past. The adjustments that needed to be made were both big and small, and students, with the help of Jim Sinicropi at FingerLakes1, were able to adapt and think forwardly. 


One big change put into place was the transition from a paper to an electronic newspaper system. Many new and old members were puzzled as to how to make the newspaper accessible in a time where paper copies weren’t able to be passed out. The solution? Moving the Mynderse Academy Newspaper to a website! This new website allows people from near and far to read and enjoy the articles written by Mynderse students, and makes it more accessible for people during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Moving to a website has many perks other than being COVID friendly, including the ability for authors to now upload videos, audio, and GIFS to their articles instead of just pictures. This allows for so much creativity and artistic freedom for articles, and makes it easier to write, upload, and distribute the art made by Mynderse students.

The newly launched website may be found at It is the desire of the newspaper team that members of the community will enjoy reading and keeping up with news and writings out of Mynderse. Hopefully, the new format will allow for even more creativity and student engagement in the paper.

If you’re interested in creating content for the Devil’s Digest, email Ms. Czajkowski at and we’ll get you set up- whether your desire is to write articles, produce creative writing pieces, or fine-tune your illustration work.


         – The Devil’s Digest Newspaper Staff

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