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Preserving Yourself In Time of COVID Crisis

Last updated on April 22, 2021

May 2020

 By now, we have all heard about how this experience is impacting our Mental Health. You have heard the words: self care, mindfulness and coping but what does this all really mean? What can we really do? Taking care of mental health can be as simple as doing something to take our focus off this time, even for just a little while.

Editorial Illustration by Isabel W.

The following are activities and ideas to hopefully help us with taking care of ourselves: 

Write letters to friends and family

Play family zoom bingo (

Take a virtual tour (

Rearrange/redecorate a room

Get dressed up

Believe it or not…take a fun or interesting online class!

Download the the Down Dog app

Learn a new language (Duolingo)

Watch feel good TV (not the news)

Research your ancestry (Access Genealogy, FamilySearch)

Make a new food (my kids are making things they find on TikTok)

Reach out to friends and family often to see how they are doing

Start an online book club with friends and/or family

HouseParty games with friends and/or family

Host a family game night

Learn how to meditate or to do yoga

   Lastly, you all have access to counselors through school (we love to hear from you) and yes, teachers can reach out to us too! If you need more, there are many opportunities in our community, state and country for mental health support. Please visit the Counseling Tab under the school website Covid-19 tab for details. This time is a difficult, stressful and unpredictable time but you are NOT EVER ALONE! Help and support is only an email, phone call or FaceTime away!

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