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Everyday Hero: Mrs. Reese

Last updated on April 22, 2021

M. Marley // February 2021

Welcome to Everyday Heroes! 


We hope to bring joy and appreciation to our community by interviewing, highlighting, and learning more about some of the amazing heroes who work within the Seneca Falls Central School District. Daily heroes are people who give back to their community with strength, courage, and a kind heart. We can’t wait to highlight all these amazing people! 

     Due to safety concerns, we will not be conducting in-person interviews, but do have hopes to do so in the future. Stay tuned for any future newsletters and interviews! 

Mrs. Reese is our hero!

     Our first Daily Hero is Mrs. Reese. She is a high school Physics Teacher at Mynderse Academy and has inspired many. She became a teacher because she loved how everyday was different and how many extracurricular opportunities she could get involved with. One of her favorite memories, here at Mynderse, was when she was given the chance to teach her own son physics during his senior year. 

     Something you may not know about Mrs. Reese is that she was a former cheerleader at Fairport High School. Her favorite memory was when they won the Section V AAA championship in her senior year. That’s amazing and I’m sure many students have felt that same excitement whether it’s winning sectionals or just pushing through a tough game.

     Mrs. Reese has done many extraordinary things for her community and the school. She loves to volunteer and is a part of many boards and committees. She is truly passionate about composting and reducing, reusing and recycling. That passion allowed her to work with SFCSD to start a composting program, which is amazing. One of her secret talents is that she can keep an active compost in the winter. That’s quite impressive considering we live in upstate New York, or what may feel like the frozen tundra at times.

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