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Everyday Hero: Mrs. Palmer

Last updated on May 7, 2021

March 2021

Welcome to Everyday Heroes! 

     We hope to bring joy and appreciation to our community by interviewing, highlighting, and learning more about some of the amazing heroes who work within the Seneca Falls Central School District. Daily heroes are people who give back to their community with strength, courage, and a kind heart. We can’t wait to highlight all these amazing people! 

     Due to safety concerns, we will not be conducting in-person interviews, but do have hopes to do so in the future. Stay tuned for any future newsletters and interviews! 


Mrs. Palmer is our hero!

    Our next Daily Hero is Mrs. Palmer. She is a School Psychologist at Seneca Falls Central School District and has inspired many. Although she is a School Psychologist, her original goal was to become a Clinical Psychologist. She loved working directly with children during her research study at U of R. After the study, as she began to observe her supervisors more closely, she realized all they mostly write grants and papers. So she decided to use her passion for neuropsychology and working with students and become a School Psychologist instead! Some of her favorite moments are when her students graduate, although it can be sad, she loves it, “when the students don’t need her support as much and they feel confident to conquer whatever the world throws at them all on their own.”    Mrs. Palmer has done a lot of things for her community and continues to do so every day. She loves working with the local Youth Group and helping out with other various community events. She has also been a member of the Middle School PTO for 5 years, what a dedicated community member. We are so lucky to have her in the Seneca Falls Central School District! 

Not only does she help others overcome challenges and inspire many but she enjoys learning from her students as well. She said that they inspire her everyday! She is also very impressed with all of the other educators and administrators, especially during these tough times. We all need to continue to support each other and our community as Mrs. Palmer does at work and throughout the community. 

Mrs. Palmer is a woman of all trades. One of her favorite things to do is putting together her kid’s birthday parties from the overall themes to the decorations, menu, and more. Oh man, I want Mrs.Palmer to come plan my next birthday party… if it’s not in our driveways again! Not only does Mrs. Palmer enjoy putting together those parties but she loves traveling with her family. She enjoys learning about all of the new places she visits and can’t wait to get on the road again soon. Funny fact, Mrs. Palmer said one of her favorite memories in high school was when she passed her driver’s test on the first try and nobody believed her because all her friends failed. I’m sure many of us can recall some other crazy driving test stories we’ve been told or even experienced ourselves. 

     Cooking is a great way to stay busy during these trying times and Mrs. Palmer loves to cook lasagna, “Lasagna is a really fun thing to make and I know I can remember all the times layering the cheese and pasta with my grandma in the kitchen while making a huge mess, good times!” After that the food is cooked, her favorite movie to sit down and watch is The Princess Bride. She said that it is the, “best movie ever!”

     Would you rather have unlimited international first-class tickets or never have to pay for food at restaurants? Mrs. Palmer said she’d take the international first-class tickets because then she could travel wherever she wanted. She said she’s willing to pay for food and she’d probably cook some fun meals as well, maybe some nice good old lasagna. 

     Mrs. Palmer has left a great message for the readers. When asked what she wished she knew earlier in life she responded with,  “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and FAIL.  Failure is an opportunity to learn, grow and begin again! The way you view and respond to failure will determine your true success in everything you do.” These words are so inspiring! I’ve noticed a lot of people stress over the fear of failure or not being good enough but the only thing to fear is fear itself. I know, I know it is very cheesy but sometimes cheese is good, especially in lasagna. So enjoy the journey, learn, and grow! Thank you Mrs. Palmer for your very motivational words.

     I hope you enjoyed learning about Mrs. Palmer and all she does to give back to the community and our school. Always remember to try new things because we are all very strong! So let’s all work on staying positive and finding the opportunities to grow!

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