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Diversify Our Narrative: A National Movement is Made Local

Last updated on May 3, 2021

Have you taken a survey within the last few weeks about the social climate of Mynderse? Have you wondered how and what school districts are doing in response to inequalities highlighted in the recent year? In response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter Movement which surfaced mid-2020, Mynderse Academy has also begun journeying into a more inviting environment. 

This Culturally Responsive Group although small has great plans. This idea started as a part of the Diversify Our Narrative (DON) initiative in late summer 2020. The national DON initiative at this point had already taken the nation by storm by many schools and with tens of thousands of signatures to fight racial inequality and demand the integration of POC (people of color) authors in the English Curriculum. 

Introducing the DON initiative to the board allowed for the school to create multiple committees in support of creating a safer environment for individuals no matter the identification. One of them, which is made up of both a couple of students and teachers, sought out goals to learn of the social climate and educate others on important issues and topics. These topics include issues on Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQIA+ community.

This group is looking to expand this committee out and create a school-wide club! It’s called DICE which stands for Diversity, Inclusion, Caring, and Equity. In order to make a change, everyone must be involved if they do choose to participate. Together, a safe environment can be created and last for many years to come. A new goal will be created by this club to complete by the end of the school year!


What are you waiting for? Join and make your mark!

If you are interested in learning more about Mynderse’s DON Initiative, signing the petition, or even joining as organizers, reach out: 

  • Leaders: Isabelle Foster, Morgan Trout, Mya Soto, and Alyssa Marley
  • Social Media: @diversifyyournarrativesfcsd

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