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Digital Art: A New Hobby

Last updated on April 22, 2021

November 2020

“The course can be difficult at times but when all the skills taught are executed, the end result is extremely rewarding.” – Korba

If you have an interest in art or are planning to do art as a career, it’s good to expand your knowledge and experiences. Here at Mynderse Academy we have a digital art class, run by Mrs. Korba, that is open to anyone that has taken DDP or studio art. It covers the range of fields in digital art like graphic arts, advertising and design, digital illustration, and animation. These are taught through a multitude of Adobe programs while bringing awareness to the graphic media that is all around us. In this program, all the work is done on computers with the option of using the mouse or a drawing tablet. The experience this class gives can help any up and coming artists or broaden an interest. Hopefully, it will be safe for this class to take place next year, but there are other ways to test this field of art on your own if you’re interested .

There are many tutorials on Youtube that offer basic overviews on how certain programs and tools work. If you’re looking into art as a career, most colleges will have you use Adobe programs. In the meantime, there are good drawing and animation programs available that don’t cost anything. For those planning on using a laptop or computer, there’s Firealapca, Krita, and Medibang, which Medibang also has a mobile version. You can draw with your mouse or, if you want to spend money, a drawing tablet. The best brands are Wacom, Huion, and Xp-pen with all of them having two types; cintiq and pen and touch. Now, if you have a phone or tablet, you can still use them to draw. There’s free programs like Procreate and ibispaint. 

Stay creative and try new things!

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