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Capital Project: The Details

Last updated on May 3, 2021

February 2020

During this school year, a Capital Project will take place in the beginning of April, which is an endeavor to add and update to the current school facilities. Capital Projects usually take place every 4 years and once construction has finished, they start the process of planning for the next one.  

SFCSD is embarking on a Capital Project.

 The current Capital Project will be mainly focused on the science wing, gym, and bus garage. These areas are known as the “original” rooms of the building, meaning that they haven’t been renovated since Mynderse Academy has been built. There are many other additions such as additional security in the front lobby, the bathrooms near the middle school gym, and the carpets and stage lights in the auditorium. When and if the final vote is approved on February 25th, the projects listed above will be renovated in different stages starting with the science wing and gym during April. You can find a generalized blueprint on the school’s website on Construction Project under District.

   While these rooms are updating, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Mullen have set aside various rooms to be replacement classrooms between the middle and high school. Some classrooms may have to share with others in order to optimize space. A clearer schedule will be set once the community agrees with the new construction bill on February 25th postponed due to the rise of costs from the past years. Mr. Lewis, describes the capital project as “a huge challenge for students and faculty due to the noise, dust, and alterations of classrooms, but we’ll get through this together.” Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Mullen see that this will cause a little distraction during school hours, but they are willing to help figure problems out if any arise.

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