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2020 Sports: Fit for Quarantine

Last updated on May 3, 2021

May 2020

 Quarantine has taken away sports across the world, in high schools, communities, and professionally, but they aren’t taken completely. Families across America have created new sports, games, and activities. One family played dodgeball but added a twist, they played blind folded and used toilet paper instead of balls. The same family came up with Toilet Paper Toss, where you sit back in a chair, couch or anything in your house and you try to roll your toilet paper on a paper towel holder. They even “went” bowling, they set up water bottles for the pins and used a roll of toilet paper for the bowling ball.   

   As a future collegiate athlete staying fit and healthy is one of my main goals during quarantine. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of effort now that I’ve had to get creative with space. I was recently invited to join an app called Volt by my new coach, allowing us to choose workouts that specifically are all body weight and take less than an hour to complete. 

   Before I joined the app I simply ran a couple times a week and went on long walks. I also would go outside when the weather was nice and hit softballs off of a tee and play catch with my brother. I would also find body weight workouts to follow on YouTube. Now is the time to get creative to stay healthy mentally and physically!

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